Friday, January 30, 2009


They have been in there for a while...but Leah refused to share! She would not let us touch them or see them or much less take a picture.It has been so long that we have been trying to get the picture that a top tooth has broken through...No picture, of course it should take about 3 months. But, we finally got the shot, so here it is!!! Leah's two bottom teeth.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Friday, January 2, 2009


Leah had a great 1st Chanukkah and Christmas. We started with a before Christmas Party at Uncle DeeDee's. Then we celebrated the 1st night of Chanukkah with Grandma and Grandpa. Next we headed to Michigan for Christmas. We made it back to Georgia just in time for the last night of Chanukkah!!!

1st Up...Pre-Christmas at Uncle DeeDee's

Checking out the presents under Uncle DeeDee's tree with Auntie Allyce

Posing with Uncle DeeDee

The new house from MeMe and Grandpa Warren

Next up...Chanukkah at Grandma and Grandpa's

Almost all of these are Leah's!!!

First we lit the candles!

Then we opened Presents!!!

Daddy Loved his Deuce jersey

Grandma and Grandpa opening their Leah calendar

Sporting her My first Chanukkah Bib!

And her Baby's 1st Christmukkah bib!

Christmas in Michigan!!!

It was sooooo cold!

Hanging out in front of Great-Grandma's Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve...forget the presents, give me bows!

Mommy loved my Reindeer PJ's

They even had a matching hat and bib!

Opening Presents Christmas Morning

Getting Ready to Brave the Snow, looking a lot like a Starfish!


Opening More Presents

And more Presents

Baby's 1st Christmas

Great Grandma's Tree

Leah loves her Great Grandma